Alex Price: Bio

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Originally cutting his teeth in the blues as a young musical prodigy, Alex Price has since evolved into one of the brightest up and coming artists. His natural ability to write songs, sing, play guitar and entertain audiences ultimately lead to him being referenced as a quadruple threat hybrid artist set to disrupt the music industry.


In his early years Alex Price’s close relationship with his older brother could have easily lured him to follow in his brother’s footsteps of being involved in drugs and street life. Instead, as he pushed through many family hardships resulting from the path his brother chose, Price grew determined to take a more positive turn in life by expressing his experiences through the art of music.

At age 12, Price began performing at local Kitchener, Ontario, Canada blues jams. It wasn’t long before the local musicians -including the late blues legend Mel Brown- welcomes his presence on their stages. Within the next few years that followed, Price had written and released his first CD and ignited an inner desire to pursue a career in music.

Over the past 12 years Price has released music in popular genres with R&B/soul and pop undertones. He has performed more than 1500 shows including large international festivals, across North America. His soulful, entertaining, passionate vocals, catchy song writing and musicianship have won him numerous awards, international airplay, press clippings and accolades.

More recently his relentless pursuit of creating fresh music that challenges genre boundaries had caught the attention of Cash Money/Rich Gang Records, home to stars like Drake and Nicki Minaj, in addition to other industry pundits.

Alex Price continues to deliver passionate, soulful vibes to his audiences and is quickly becoming the hottest independent Canadian artist.