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Since his last CD release in March 2014, Alex Price has been busy writing with and for artists at studios in Miami and Toronto while maintaining a performance schedule averaging almost 200 shows each year. These experiences have helped him to further hone his craft as a songwriter, performer and musician, and have prepared him for his upcoming new EP release “Pleasure In Pain ”

“I feel like this EP is the first project of mine that I’ve been able to get real personal and express my feelings in a way that is relatable – that is, anyone that has been in love and has felt the pain that it can bring”, says Alex. “I’ve learned that writing from a vulnerable place in my music is far from a bad thing. In fact, music is a recap of life events and that’s what inspired me for this EP”. 

Price continues about his EP, “it was written and co-produced in collaboration with several incredibly talented producers. These producers have been truly amazing to work with and we are continuing to work on more music”, says Price.

All the songs written on Pleasure In Pain have been purposely arranged in their order to tell a story. A story of the tribulations of relationships from a male’s perspective starting at the beginning ‘lust’ stage all the way through to the break up. 

Track one “Lockdown” is about the beginning stages of the relationship. Track two “Lately” is that point in the relationship when it’s starting to get more serious. You start to get some real truth. Track three “Reminder” is what Price would call the rock bottom or the fading of the relationship when it’s falling apart. Track four “Numb To It” is the feeling of giving up on love and trying to move on. The last song “Show Me” is the feeling of trying to find love again as it can become a vicious circle.