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Social Links can be displayed on your website, Facebook page, and even in the Facebook ads (if you’re promoting your social media). These links are used to get viewers to connect to all your social media pages; Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. With these social links, viewers have a quick and easy access to all your social media which ultimately you can use to bring back to your main website and get more customers.


There are a ton of Social Links out there but we mainly focus on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as we find these to be most effective to maximize lead generation.


Twitter can potentially be a very valuable tool for any business. Simply having a Twitter account is a good step towards creating a brand image online. It must have a consistent, engaging and interesting message to use its maximum benefit. Twitter is also a great tool to use for Customer Support and reaching customers who have questions or problems. Customers and even other Twitter users will often mention your name in their tweets; giving it free publicity. As long as you provide interesting and helpful responses, Twitter can be an amazing tool for lead generation. Once you establish a significant customer base, you can use Twitter to easily promote other social media pages, as well as your main website. We, Mohan Agency, can help you also create Twitter Adverts and get engagement from your specific target market. Don’t know how to create a Twitter account or even how to properly operate one? Contact us and we can help.


Instagram now has over 300 million monthly users. It’s not even the number that should interest you, it’s the people using Instagram. They’re majority shoppers. Iconosquare’s 2015 Instagram study shows that 70% of Instagram users reported having looked up a brand on the platform and liked the brand’s Instagram page just because they like/know the brand. With engaging pictures, consumers can soak up your marketing message without any hard sales pitch needed. Instagram is also a very convenient tool to include a link to boost traffic on your main site. Including testimonials of consumers who bought the product can be a easy way to spread your brand’s name and get more views on your Instagram page. Since Instagram is a 80%-picture based marketing platform, posting images of giveaways or coupons can be very effective in bringing more traffic to your page/site. Instagram advertising can be done through Facebook’s advertising manager (Facebook owns Instagram). Need to make an Instagram account to boost traffic? Don’t know how to create Instagram adverts and need help managing your ads/posts? Contact us and we can help.

youtube-link YOUTUBE

YouTube may not, initially, appear to be a social media site but now that comments on YouTube are tied to Google+ and can easily be linked with other social media, it’s a more social and influential platform than ever before. There’s many ways to produce content on YouTube; including tutorial videos, testimonials, adverts, giveaways, etc. Keeping a constant update on producing content and including call of action makes YouTube an incredible and effective tool for lead generation, especially given the fact that YouTube receives approximately a billion views a day. As you may know, Google owns YouTube. What does that mean for businesses? You can base your ad placement based on the search results of these users. If viewers on YouTube have Adblocker or skip the ad, you don’t pay for that ad. You only pay for full advert viewership. Contact us and we can help you create a YouTube channel as well as start launching your YouTube adverts.